Chiquis Rivera shows off a skimpy colorful outfit and exudes style

Chiquis Rivera shows off a skimpy colorful outfit and exudes style

That Chiquis Rivera He doesn’t stop wasting style through his social networks. now shows us a skimpy colorful outfit, where it shows us his best steps.

a style class

To the rhythm of “La Bamba”, also called “Queen Bee”, She shows up in a tight two-piece set. The colorful shade flatters your figure, thanks to the prints in purple and red.

To give that special touch, the daughter of the legendary Jenny Rivera, accompanies him with a red hatwhat it does vShe was very flirtatious during her presentation. Likewise the booties in blackemphasize your curvaceous figure. A look and a performance that has La Chiquis stealing the screams from Rivera and applause from the respectable.

At their presentations the singer is accompanied by the musicians “Queen Bee Gang”, responsible for taste to each of his recitals. By the way, at the beginning of your presentation last night, Chiquis Rivera showed balancestanding on one leg and stretching out his arms before beginning his rendition of “La Bamba”.

Chiquis Rivera dazzles with her beauty in jeans

The Academy 20 Years last week featured the singer’s presentation where she gave a show on Reality Elimination Night and announced her arrival on the forums. was presented by co-host Vanessa Claudior there she came with a tight set in yellow and orange colors that highlights her amazing figure.

Her gaze complemented it with yellow pointed boots and silver jeans not to forget that it is an exponent in the Mexican region.

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