Chinese New Year on our plates

Chinese New Year on our plates

This year, the Chinese New Year begins on Sunday, January 22nd, shifting from the Year of the Tiger to the Year of the Rabbit. Hosted by Asian communities, this event is celebrated in many ways and gastronomy is one of them.

On this occasion we are very fortunate to be able to count on some restaurants and grocery stores that want to share with us a part of these celebrations by offering a special menu.

Here are some addresses that will inspire you to travel in their own way!


Photo courtesy of Restaurant Thach

Restaurant Thach, by Chef Phong Thach – born in Vietnam to Cambodian parents but raised in Montreal – took the bold step of relocating to Quebec to open his own restaurant in Sainte-Foy in the Gourmet District. You can taste an extraordinarily aromatic cuisine that reflects their roots. For him and his family, the Lunar New Year is a very important time to honor their ancestors through gastronomy. A grand feast consisting of many traditional dishes is first prepared and then shared with loved ones. In the restaurant, the chef takes this opportunity to offer some of these dishes in a very limited edition, starting Sunday January 22nd.

990 Church Road, Quebec

plum sauce

Photo courtesy of Sauce Prune

Sauce Prune is a ‘COVID project’ that started at Chardo restaurant in Bromont, offering meal boxes inspired by Chinese cuisine. Noticing customer interest and developing a real passion for this world of flavors and techniques, Chef Félix-Antoine Parenteau decided to focus exclusively on this project after opening his shop in Cowansville. Wonton, dumplings, noodles and pot roast made from regional ingredients are on the menu at this small counter, either to eat on the spot or to be warmed up at home. For the Lunar New Year, the chef will be happy to mark the occasion in his own way!


126 Main Street, Suite 102, Cowansville


Established in the beautiful city of Quebec since 1977, this restaurant does not fail to celebrate the Lunar New Year every year, although the activities take place in April! In fact, the third generation family hails from Cambodia, a country where the New Year is welcomed after the harvest in mid-April. However, you don’t have to wait for spring to visit this prestigious establishment!

71 Auteuil Street, Quebec

Dobe & Andy

Photo provided by VonWong

Specializing in Hong Kong barbecue, this Chinatown restaurant prepares a feast of abundance, longevity, prosperity, positivity and happiness. A special multi-course menu (including pasta, barbecue, seafood and vegetables) to enjoy with family or friends is available for takeout or delivery.

R-12-1071 Saint-Urbain Street, Montreal

T&T supermarket

Photo courtesy of T&T Supermarket

The first-ever T&T supermarket in Quebec (and the largest in Canada) to newly arrive in Montreal will welcome the Lunar New Year in style. Through the 20,000 products, including a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, seafood and pastries, you can enjoy traditional decorations, many specialty products imported from Asia, as well as themed boxes. Change of scenery included!

300 Sainte-Croix Avenue, Montreal

Gia Ba

To enjoy typical Sichuan cuisine, characterized by the use of garlic, chili and Sichuan pepper, you must go to Gia Ba. While some dishes are for connoisseurs of spicy cuisine, like cucumber salad, Sichuan chicken with spinach, or poached beef with peppers and peppers, others balance the whole thing, like common Tao chicken, ginger beef, or Chef Su’s famous cutlets. The restaurant will not offer a specific menu, but the place is still an excellent choice for learning about a culture
Gastronomy that invites you to travel!

5766 Monkland Avenue, Montreal

Teochew gourmet

Photo courtesy of Teochew Foodie

Teochew is a region in southeast China and Teochew Foodie is a family-run business offering a specialty grocery store and ready-to-eat counter with quality traditional Chinese dishes. Since the Chinese New Year is a very important family event, the family provides two different baskets, one of which contains everything you need to prepare yourself a real feast at home (and very easily). Wontons, rice noodle rolls, pearl and sesame dumplings that only need to be reheated at the right time.

3964a Saint-Denis Street, Montreal