1667499851 China late help for anti covid lockdown a child dies

China, late help for anti covid lockdown: a child dies

China late help for anti covid lockdown a child dies

An apology from the Chinese police – Police apologized today, Thursday, November 3, for the death of three-year-old boy in China. His death was caused by the lack of treatment halted by the restrictive measures against Covid-19. The Zero Covid policy calls for strict lockdowns and mass testing campaigns at the slightest sign of Covid spreading in a community. Desired by the Chinese summit, it is being applied with great care by the local authorities, causing inconveniences and protests. Lanzhou residents desperately trying to revive a child after suffering carbon monoxide poisoning can be seen in pictures posted online on Tuesday.

The anger of the father and the citizens – In a message, the little boy’s father complained about the slowness of the rescue and the fact that he was unable to leave his apartment due to the Covid confinement. Lanzhou residents expressed their anger after the incident.

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The police communiqué – The local police issued a detailed report on the events, expressed “sincere condolences” and wrote in an unusual way: “We sincerely accept the criticism and scrutiny of the media and netizens to prevent such incidents from happening again” .

The story of the child, nicknamed Tuo, caused anger and excitement on the internet. This is the latest such incident following the death of a 14-year-old teenager who was left untreated during quarantine.

The 27 victims at the end of September – On September 19, a Covid bus overturned, killing 27 people who were being transported to a quarantine facility. It was the deadliest road accident in China in 2022. A tragic episode that still sparked anger and criticism of China’s relentless “zero Covid” policy.