China expands imports of Brazilian meat: "Good mood for Brazil has returned"

China expands imports of Brazilian meat: "Good mood for Brazil has returned"

Posted on 20230118 6:08 PM / Updated on 20230118 6:10 PM

    (Image credit: Ricardo Stuckert)

(Image credit: Ricardo Stuckert)

The Minister of Agriculture and Livestock (MAPA), Carlos Fávaro, after a meeting this Wednesday (18/01) with President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT), announced the approval of three refrigeration plants, two poultry plants and one cattle plant, for export to China. According to the minister, the reason for this is the recognition of the credibility of the PT.

“I can assure you that the favorable mood for Brazil has returned, the good winds of the world economy look at Brazil differently,” stressed the minister.

According to Fávaro, the country has not had any new factory qualifications for meat exports to China since 2019. The report, which was received in the early hours of the morning, is also thanks to the work of the Mapa technicians.


Indonesia and Egypt

Fávaro also announced that Indonesia would confirm the qualification of 11 Brazilian beef slaughterhouses for export to the Asian country in the next few hours. He added that Egypt announced yesterday that it had approved the purchase of Brazilian cotton. According to the minister, the market in the African country is small but of high quality, which is important evidence of the quality of the Brazilian product.

“These are actions that have taken place in the last few hours and have shown that the world believes in Brazil again. Employment opportunities will be created here and this is the result of the credibility of the new government led by President Lula and the work of all these years by the technicians of the Ministry of Agriculture,” the minister stressed.

Green Farming

Fávaro announced that tomorrow he will take part in the Green Agricultural Week in Berlin. “Carry the message that Brazil will continue to be a major player in food production in the world. Our moment is to say, ‘This production will be sustainable, we will respect the environment, we will respect the forestry code,'” he said.

“The whole world can be sure that buying products from Brazil is buying products that respect the environment and society,” he added.

According to him, the meeting in Germany should bring together 70 agriculture ministers from different countries, but should not include the participation of the environment sector or Environment Minister Marina Silva.

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