China Builds 26 Story Skyscraper To Raise And Slaughter More

China Builds 26 Story Skyscraper To Raise And Slaughter More Than A Million Pigs

The largest pig farm in the world is, of course, in China. But it’s not as we might imagine, it’s housed in a gigantic building of about 26 floors in the city of Ezhou on the south bank of the Yangtze River.

This vertical pigsty will house 1.2 million animals per year, that they are fed alive with automated systems, monitored with high-resolution cameras and constantly cleaned, according to a report by the New York Times newspaper.

China wants to remain the world’s largest pork producer. Currently has 47.5 million tonsahead of the European Union, which produces 23.7 million.

The Asian giant intends to be self-sufficient and completely end dependence on other territories. However, the International reviews They were not long in coming, and China has been accused of a lack of ethics and warned of the dangers of overcrowding so many animals in terms of disease transmission.

According to the American newspaper, the Hubei Zhongxin Kaiwei Modern Animal Husbandry company will differentiate the floors of the skyscraper. All of them will act independently and will play a concrete role in raising animals.