China announces Ukraine war peace initiative

China announces Ukraine war peace initiative

China has announced its own initiative to end Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine. “We will come up with something. Namely, the Chinese position on the political solution of the crisis in Ukraine,” said China’s top foreign policy maker. Wang Yi according to the official translation on Saturday at the security conference in Munich. “We will be firm on the side of peace and dialogue.”

criticism of military support

He was also critical of forces he saw as pursuing geopolitical interests and putting less weight on the plight of the Ukrainian people. It remains unclear whether this is a criticism of Western countries’ military support for Ukraine, just as he avoided an accurate assessment of Russia’s responsibility. For a safer world, “the principles of the UN Charter are something we must uphold,” Wang said. The chaos and conflicts plaguing the world at this moment were provoked because the principles of the UN Charter were not respected.

Baerbock welcomes advancement

German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock welcomed the announcement of a peace plan for Ukraine. It’s good that China “sees the responsibility to uphold world peace,” the green politician told reporters on Saturday on the sidelines of the security conference in Munich. When asked what chances she has given this Chinese peace push, Baerbock added: “If you work for peace all year round, you have to take every chance for peace.”

Taiwan conflict

In the conflict over Taiwan, he stood his ground. “Taiwan has never been an independent country and never will be. This is the status quo of the Taiwan issue,” Wang said. Taiwan is part of Chinese territory. “It is not China that wants to change this status quo, but the separatist forces in Taiwan.” Wang accused those who called for Taiwan’s independence to undermine peace and stability. “Therefore, we must oppose Taiwan’s independence and separatism and uphold the one-China principle,” he added. “We reiterate the importance of preserving sovereignty and territorial integrity. And we hope that the same will apply to China.”