Children of Gugu and Faustao duel in the lip sync

Children of Gugu and Faustão duel in the lip sync special of “Kings of Sunday TV

Luciano Huck is preparing a special program that will be broadcast on October 8th. The Communicator pays tribute to Faustão and Gugu Liberato (19592019) through their sons João Guilherme Silva and João Augusto Liberato. The two will take part in Domingão com Huck’s show Batalha do Lip Sync, whose recording is scheduled for the 5th.

Luciano Huck’s idea was simply to use his two sons as a tribute to the presenters who were icons of Sunday programming in the 90s. Given the good reception of João Guilherme and João Augusto, the presenter suggested having a duel between them on the board, which had been quite successful.

So in the end, Angélica’s husband will remember the times of “war” between Domingo Legal and Domingão do Faustão (19892021), presented by Gugu and Fausto Silva. Huck’s team also attempts to record a statement from Faustão about his son to show on the young man’s performance day.

The band’s presenter, João Guilherme, has been released by the broadcaster to participate in the competition and the agreement is that Luciano Huck can name the broadcaster and the program he will present there. Next year, Faustão’s legacy will have an attraction inspired by Perdidos na Noite (19861988), which made his father one of the greatest presenters on Brazilian television.

The new attraction will serve as a replacement for Warner Play, a geek cultural program presented by Arthur Ribas and Valentina Pulgarín. João Guilherme Silva will record the pilot for his next program in October, with the premiere scheduled for the 21st of the same month. Directed by Cris Gomes, Beto Silva and Renato Moreira, the attraction will take place in front of an audience and will be shown on Saturdays at 8:30 p.m.

In January 2022 he debuted as a presenter and led the Faustão na Band (20222023) together with his father. With the communicator’s departure at the end of May, Silva took over the attraction until its final performance in August of this year.

According to sources from TV newsJoão Augusto is concentrating on his final year at the College of Communication, which he is studying in the United States. He recently announced that he intends to follow in his father’s footsteps as a presenter. During a recent visit to Brazil, he performed in the audience of Altas Horas.

Serginho Groisman said that the 21yearold insisted on going behind the scenes of the program and asked him about his intention to pursue an artistic career. “I guess so. I really like television and the media,” replied Marina and Sofia’s brother.

João also participated in the Silvio Santos program to receive a trophy for the special 60th anniversary of the SBT attraction. Patricia Abravanel also praised the work done by Gugu at the station. “I have always been interested in television and communication in general. I love the joy that you have on stage, on television,” explained the young man, who avoided talking about the court battle over the presenter’s inheritance.