1695111865 Children cheer for Nick Suzuki at a school in Lachine

Children cheer for Nick Suzuki at a school in Lachine

Nick Suzuki was welcomed as a rare guest at a school in Lachine on Monday lunchtime.

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The Canadiens captain was at Maple Grove Elementary School to take part in a breakfast club activity, to which he also donated a check for $10,000.

Children cheer for Nick Suzuki at a school in Lachine

Tommy Kulczyk (General Manager of the Breakfast Club) and Nick Suzuki (Montreal Canadiens) distribute food to students during the Good Food and Breakfast Club of Canada press conference as part of Nick’s visit to the Suzuki of the Canadiens to raise the donation of one million meals to highlight the Breakfast Club of Good Food, at the Maple Grove School in Lachine on Monday, September 18, 2023. PHOTO MARTIN CHEVALIER Photo Martin Chevalier

The fifth and sixth grade children waited for him in the school’s small gymnasium and were able to ask him a few questions.

Despite his shyness, Suzuki has a clear fascination with children; one young girl actually had difficulty asking him her question and burst into nervous laughter at the thought of speaking to him. It was pretty sweet.

1695111858 445 Children cheer for Nick Suzuki at a school in Lachine

The kids quickly posed with the Canadiens captain. Photo Martin Chevalier


Before he even entered the gym, the 24-year-old hockey player was met by school staff, prompting a colleague to remark that the teachers were more excited than the children.

“When I left the principal’s office, I didn’t expect to see all those cameras and feverish teachers. You never really get used to it,” Suzuki said a little uncomfortably.

“For me, I’m Nick and I don’t see myself as a big celebrity, but it’s fun to see the reaction of the kids. »

Suzuki then very gracefully participated in a question and answer game with a few children, which allowed us to learn a little more about him.

1695111861 320 Children cheer for Nick Suzuki at a school in Lachine

Staff at Maple Grove Elementary School appeared to be just as nervous as the children. Photo Martin Chevalier

Steak fan

Young James Buszard showed a lot of confidence when he asked the hero of the day what his favorite food was. For those curious, Suzuki pointed out that steak is popular right now.

“I’m glad he answered my question because it’s my favorite steak too,” James admitted, hinting that his favorite player is Carey Price, although he likes them all.

We also learned that Suzuki started playing ice hockey at the age of five and played street hockey throughout his childhood.

Another child asked him who his oldest friend was, to which Suzuki replied it was Isaac Ratcliffe, a forward who was drafted early in the second round by the Flyers in 2017, the same year as Suzuki. Last season he played for the Milwaukee Admirals of the American League.

Compared to a legend

Breakfast Club general manager Tommy Kulczyk made a bold statement by comparing Suzuki to a Canadiens legend.

“I have had the opportunity to meet many captains and Nick reminds me of the greatest ambassador: Jean Béliveau. It is a quiet strength.

“Find a better ambassador for me than Nick Suzuki, who is a role model for kids on and off the ice. It is an exceptional model for children. »

The comparison clearly had an impact on Suzuki, who had the opportunity to speak to Yvan Cournoyer about Béliveau during the team tournament last week.

“He was an incredible man who I didn’t get to see play, but I see how people talk about him and that’s the kind of memory I’d like to leave behind when my career is over. “I want more than that be remembered as just an ice hockey player. »