Child forgotten in car: “The word is to survive” – ​​​​

Child forgotten in car: “The word is to survive” – ​​​​

A two-year-old child died on Friday after being left in a car by one of his parents in Vaudreuil-Dorion. These families must learn to live with this tragedy their entire lives.

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“The word is survive. The parents will learn to live with it, but they will not complete their grief. Unfortunately, those parents who lose a child in such circumstances have to live with this ordeal,” said Paul Langevin, a psychologist.

There are resources to help these families get through this ordeal.

“At the level of the CUSSS in their region, these parents need to see a psychologist or social worker intensively, not just once a week,” he advises.

According to Mr Langevin, these parents must be accompanied to avoid any further drama.

“I think we have to accompany them for the next few weeks because there are papers to fill out, funerals. These families also have to ventilate, so some help is needed so that nothing happens to the parents. (…) We often see parents who separate after such an ordeal. There are also parents who get together because of this,” he believes.

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