Chihuahua is the oldest dog in the world at 23

Chihuahua is the oldest dog in the world at 23 years old

A Chihuahua was voted the oldest dog in the world at 23 years old. Spike, as the old animal is called, won the title in the Guinness Book of World Records on December 7th.

The puppy was born in November 1999 in Ohio, United States. He was found abandoned in a parking lot by his owner, Rita Kimball, in 2009. She told the Guinness website that the animal was quite neglected when she found him.

Rita explained that she couldn’t leave Spike: “He jumped straight into the car and sat in the seat like he knew where we were going, it was supposed to be.” After 14 years, the dog is still part of their family, obviously a very special member.

Spike is partially blind and hard of hearing, but that hasn’t stopped him from winning a title. Rita realized the animal could be a record holder when she heard the story of Pebbles, the oldest living dog.

“Most of our family knew Spike was old, but little did they know he had a chance to be the oldest in the world,” explains the tutor.

“Now that he’s a Guinness World Records titlist, she [a família] They look up to him as a celebrity. You can’t believe he’s lived this long,” Rita said after the recognition.

Rita believes that Spike’s troubles are the reason he has lived so long. “I think he’s still here because after having such a horrible life in the beginning, he’s making the most of each day and now seeing the fruits in his later years,” she explains.

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