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Despite Travis Kelce make a public plea for it Chris Jones To return to the Chiefs, the star defensive tackle continues his resistance. Jones has reportedly pushed for a contract that would be closer or even larger Aaron DonaldThe average annual value is $31.67 million. The Chiefs reportedly countered with a contract that would pay him $22.5 million to $24 million in compensation, similar to the contracts they signed Daron Payne, Jeffery Simmons, Dexter Lawrence And Quinnen Williams this offseason.

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Mike Florio of ProFootballTalk.com has more insight and it sounds like Kansas City’s offer is slightly higher than the second-tier DT salaries. A source told Florio that the organization is offering Jones a three-year, $74 million contract, which would wipe out the $19.5 million the player is scheduled to make in 2023. $70 million of that money would be guaranteed for injuries.

That would equate to an AAV of about $24.67 million. Florio writes that Jones would be willing to split the difference between the offer and Donald’s contract for about $28 million per year. So that means there is a total difference in value between the two offers of around $10 million (a hypothetical three-year offer from the Chiefs worth $74 million versus a three-year request from Jones worth $74 million). 84 million US dollars).

There’s no real deadline for either side to agree to an extension, but the defensive tackle has indicated he could sit out until Week 8 if he doesn’t get a new contract. In this scenario, Jones could face significant fines.

It sounds like the Chiefs are preparing to be without Jones, who finished third in Defensive Player of the Year voting after racking up 15.5 sacks in 2022. However, that hasn’t stopped his teammates from pushing for his return. Kelce admitted in his recent podcast that he doesn’t understand the player’s reluctance while making the case for the pass rusher’s return.

“Chris, can you please come back?” Kelce said (via ESPN’s Adam Teicher). “You’re really scaring me, man. I do not get it. You must know something I don’t know because I just don’t understand it. I really want to get another Super Bowl ring with you, bro. I’m negotiating with you to just come back and play football for the Chiefs. Please, we need you. We need you urgently and I don’t know what the situation is.”

Now head coach Andy Reid Finally, he addressed Jones’ absence, telling reporters that he would not criticize the player’s decision to hold out.

“Chris chose this path,” Reid said Friday (via Teicher). “Some other guys decided to do their deals and come in and play. I’m not here to criticize one way or the other. We’ve had a lot of success with the guys we have and we’re continuing.

“Otherwise I’ll take the distractions and throw them out and let’s get on with what’s real.”

The Chiefs open the season on Thursday against the Lions. Unless the two sides can make up significant ground in the negotiations, the Chiefs will have to do without their defensive leader at the start of their Super Bowl defense.