Chico Cesar talks about Lulas Ministry of Culture 03112022 Illustrated

Chico César talks about Lula’s Ministry of Culture 03/11/2022 Illustrated

Singersongwriter Chico César, who has been asked to take over the culture ministry in the Lula government, has posted on social media that he would prefer other people to be in charge of the portfolio. “I’m more like Juca Ferreira or Jandira Feghali,” the artist wrote, citing two other names who could take over the ministry.

The cultural sector should again be a priority in the Lula government of the PT. In addition to the recreation of the ministry, the transition should already oversee all the decrees of the government of Jair Bolsonaro from the PL with the possibility of revocation. Likewise, the provisional measure that has postponed the deadline for the transfer of the Paulo Gustavo and Aldir Blanc 2 laws must be discussed.

With Lula’s victory last Sunday, some names for the Ministry of Education were soon speculated. César appeared on the list because he is an enthusiast of PT governments and has experience in politics. In 2011 he became Minister of Culture of Paraíba.

Also circulating behind the scenes are PC do B federal MP Jandira Feghali, who defended emergency aid to the sector during the pandemic, and singer Daniela Mercury. Former minister of the PT governments, Juca Ferreira, and Manoel Rangel, director and president of Ancine between 2004 and 2017, are also cited to take over the ministry.