Chicken lays ‘perfectly round’ eggs and family offers it for more than R,000

Chicken lays ‘perfectly round’ eggs and family offers it for more than R$2,000

With the money raised, Annabel Mulcahy intends to save other animals; Action is a tradition in your family

Reporudação/Twitter/tgrthabertvFamily sells egg
With the money raised with the egg, the family intends to save more chickens

A family was surprised last Saturday the 6th when they went to collect eggs laid by a domestic hen and came across a perfectly round egg. “On Saturday morning I opened the nest and it was there, a perfect circle,” Annabel Mulcahy told Metro UK, adding that after coming across this achievement, she went to Google and saw it was a case is about a billion. . “It’s very strange, I had to look twice. I can roll like a marble on the table,” he said. The case happened in West Oxfordshire, in the southwest of United Kingdom, Where do you live. She has been a chicken breeder for 20 years, took advantage of the “rarity” and offered the egg for sale for 500 euros (approx. R$ 2,600). With the money raised, Mulcahy wants to help save other chickens, a campaign that has a long tradition in his family. The creator of the work, the hen who goes by the name of Twinskie, also known as a Labrador, is new to the family. She was recently rescued and raised by Mulcahy and his daughters. The woman, who has several pet chickens, says they are friendly. “When I’m in the garden, they come to sunbathe at my feet”.