1657014611 Chicago shooting alleged killer stopped He is 22 years old

Chicago shooting, alleged killer stopped: He is 22 years old. Shooting also in Philadelphia, two officers wounded

It was a day of sunshine and celebration, it turned into tragedy. A man has Open fire to the crowd taking part in one of the parades for the July 4thon American Independence Day, on the northern outskirts of Chicagoat least kill six people and wounded thirty. The umpteenth mass slaughter (the 311th since the beginning of the year according to the Archives of Gun Violence) shocks the United States during one of the most popular and well-attended celebrations of the year, a month after the elementary school slaughter of Uvalde in Texas and just days after Congress passed a historic ceasefire, the most significant in thirty years. The Highland Park parade had just begun – about ten minutes – when a young white man with long black hair and a slim build opened fire on thousands of people enjoying a day of family rejoicing and relaxation. Eight hours later, the police arrested a suspect, the 22-year-old Robert Bobby E. Crime III, a young local man, spotted five miles north of Chicago and stopped after a brief chase. After interrogation, the young man was taken to prison.

United States, Shooting in Illinois during July 4th parade: 6 dead and 31 wounded.

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United States, Shooting in Illinois during July 4th parade: 6 dead and 31 wounded. “The killer shot a rifle from a roof”

Police identified the young man as the likely killer hours after the shooting and called for public help to find him, warning he was likely driving a silver 2010 Honda Fit shot from a roof and used a rifle later found by officers at the scene. At a news conference, the Chicago police spokesman said the man “pulled over when officers arrived at the scene.” “At first I thought it was firecrackers, I didn’t realize it was gunfire. Then I started seeing damn people scream and run away. It was awful,” said a witness, still in shock. “It was a chaotic scene. I tried calling my family and found out they had taken refuge in a building near the route,” said a man who drove to the parade when the shooting began and saw people moving to one side and the other others fled. “It was scary, I’ve never seen anything like this in my entire life. frightened people e covered in blood‘, The Story of a Third Witness. Images circulating on websites and social media show overturned chairs, abandoned strollers, thermos flasks and coolers thrown on the sidewalk alongside the blood of those injured or killed. Scenes of panic and horror from families who were celebrating with their loved ones just moments before.

Filming in Illinois, the moment the Highland Park parade opens fire: people fleeing - video

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Filming in Illinois, the moment the Highland Park parade opens fire: people fleeing – video

“Jill and I are shocked by this act senseless violence which has brought renewed pain to a US community this Independence Day,” US President Joe Biden said in a statement. “As always, we are first and foremost grateful to the rescuers and the police on the ground,” he emphasizes, saying that he spoke to the governor of Illinois and the mayor of Chicago and “offered the fullest support from the federal government to their communities. Recently, he recalls, I signed the first major bipartisan gun reform bill in almost thirty years, which includes measures that will save lives. But there is still a lot to do and I will not give up fighting itepidemic of violence because of guns. What happened today – he concludes – reminds us every day that in our democracies, in our way of life, nothing is guaranteed, which we must fight for and defend. Shootings also broke out during the Fourth of July celebrations Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Two police officers injured, one in the head, the other in the shoulder. The police are looking for the person responsible.