Chiara Ferragni’s Public Speaking Coach Sanremo, Bresciano by adoption

It is a public speaker, or a public speaking coach. His name is Federico Stefanellioriginally from Tuscany, adopted by Brescia, and on the occasion of Sanremo Music Festival 2023She was the teacher of the godmother of the first and last episode as well as the digital entrepreneur. Clare Ferragni. «She was a very good student – says Stefanelli. Just for bringing herself into the game. In that sense: she felt the need to call a professional and this was not a matter of course considering her role as an entrepreneur and also the fact that she doesn’t have to prove anything to anyone”.

Federico Stefanelli is behind him fifteen years of acting and this is how it is now Lecturer in Methods and Techniques of Communication at the Academy of Fine Arts in Brescia. “It’s not the first time I’ve worked with a character who has to prepare for something on TV,” explains Stefanelli in an interview with Mow magazine. ‘They picked me and called me. I had an interview with Fabio Maria D’Amato, Chiara’s manager. And then I was chosen.” Then, after “several months”, as the influencer also said on Instagram, the time had come for Ferragni to debut on the Ariston stage on television: “He started with the most difficult thing there was in Italy, namely presenting the San Remo festival. Of course it was hard work.”

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Speaking of festivals, the artists who came to Stefanelli the most – he says during the interview – are the group that is half Brescian Coma_Things: «For me, in addition to singing, they also tell stories. And they do that very well. That is why they have an advantage over the others».

Fun Facts

Before you work with the influencer, The teacher was not very present on social networks: «I recently discovered my Instagram profile – says Stefanelli. In that sense: It has existed since 2022, but I have never used it as a social network. Then during these months of contact with her I felt a bit guilty for not being on Instagram so here I am now and I will use it. I’ll try”.