Chiara Ferragnis New Years look dress with feathers and long

Chiara Ferragni’s New Year’s look: dress with feathers and long legs Newsby

Chiara Ferragni in the New Year's look_Instagram_Newsby
Chiara Ferragni in the New Year’s look_Instagram_Newsby

Chiara Ferragni stunned social media with her New Year’s Eve look. Between laughter, toasts and card games, the famous fashion entrepreneur spent New Year’s Eve.

Surrounded by their closest friends in a mountain chalet in the French Alps, the Ferragnez welcomed in 2023 the light-heartedness and cheerfulness that characterizes them.

Chiara Ferragni in the New Year's look_Instagram_NewsbyChiara Ferragni in the New Year’s look_Instagram_Newsby

With friends in the middle of nature

A place dedicated to tranquility surrounded by snowy nature: the place is megevea small village with approx 3,000 inhabitants. Chiara Ferragni and Fedez have dismissed the hypothesis of a New Year’s Eve with sizzling and secular celebrations to meet up with their closest friends, in a place where relaxation is king.

For the occasion, the famous fashion blogger put herself on display an electric blue dressboth during dinner and for the impromptu ballet at midnight sharp.

Into the year 2023 with monochrome

It couldn’t be otherwise: Chiara Ferragni dared a style on New Year’s Eve glamorous, extravagant and flashy, like many other stars. But Ferry managed to set her own twist and surprise everyone with it an “electric” outfit what he did right away center in the hearts of his fans.

The very blonde from Cremona has once again set the trend with a dress that rises all the rules that until last year were being imposed on the wardrobes of those about to head to a New Year’s Eve party. No sequins, crystals and glitter therefore: Chiara Ferragni has decided not to go on the market in 2023 with a typical New Year’s dress code, but with a solid color. And it’s not a random color!

Chiara Ferragni’s look for New Year’s Eve

Maxi slit, feathers and one-shoulder neckline have turned the fashion icon into a fashion star again. The same applies as before: Christmas with the family and New Year’s Eve with whoever you want. And indeed the Ferragnez when they were out with the family at ChristmasSeiser AlmNew Year was spent with close friendswhere laughter and of course the focus on style could not be missing.

Chiara Ferragni in the New Year's look_Instagram_NewsbyChiara Ferragni in the New Year’s look_Instagram_Newsby

Chiara’s glamorous look, the ha dedicated focus on the color that will prevail in 2023: Electric Blue. Ferragni’s dress is from New Arrivals. Specifically, it’s the Rossy model in La Bohème, a “pocket” cut with a one-shoulder neckline that leaves one arm uncovered. The maxi side slit instead reveals the entrepreneur’s long legs, to finish with lots of feathers on the edges. A dress with personality that tastes beauty 1,750 euros.

The shoes and accessories

give up the shine Chiara Ferragni finally opted for the “electric” version. They thought of glitter the accessories, consisting of gold bracelets and rings with diamonds. The influencer decided on the shoes for a pair of sandals, The attic, in the same color as the dress. The price is approx €658.

Chiara Ferragni in the New Year's look_Instagram_NewsbyChiara Ferragni in the New Year’s look_Instagram_Newsby

They gave him the finishing touches Hair, not collected at all, maybe with strange or extravagant hairstyles, but held loosely on the shoulders. Flawlessly matching make-up and her signature smile always present on her lips. What can I say? Really great! Although there was no doubt about it.