Chiara Ferragni, the joyful announcement: another girl is coming |  Fan in seventh heaven

Chiara Ferragni, the joyful announcement: another girl is coming | Fan in seventh heaven

Revealed the name of another member of Fedez and Chiara Ferragni’s family. The pair are known to be very imaginative and fans can’t wait to learn more about the new addition to the family.

Chiara Ferragni and FedezChiara Ferragni and Fedez

An announcement that blew fans away. The arrival of another member in one of the internet’s most talked about families is as sudden as it is unexpected.

After the news of Francesca Ferragni’s pregnancy, no one expected the family to continue to grow.

On the other hand, with economic serenity, certain decisions are certainly easier to make, even without too many doubts.

Chiara Ferragni and Fedez, the family is growing: another girl is added

Fedez and Chiara Ferragni have never made a secret of the fact that they love having a big family. Chiara herself has 2 sisters and a little brother. Erz is also a mother of two girls and an aunt. In short, there is no shortage of children in his family.

Fedez makes Vittoria cryFedez and Chiara Ferragni –

But confusion is never enough for the two. Just look at what they post on social media to get an idea of ​​what their daily life is like.

In fact, a few hours ago, an announcement arrived to fans regarding the arrival of another family member.

After Leone and Vittoria comes Gabriella

On social media, Leone was immediately greeted as a star thanks to his incredible beauty. Now he’s a bit of a star of the internet and his videos are just among the most watched on the internet.

But Vittoria is certainly not far behind, Vitto (as mom and dad like to call her) captures thousands of likes with her photos and with her somewhat funny videos, she manages to attract attention that the web previously only attracted mom and was reserved for dad .

Chiara Ferragni and FedezChiara Ferragni and Fedez – third child on the way –

For a few hours, space must also be given to another family member.

Who is Gabrielle?

We’re talking about the beautiful Gabriella Ferragni, the dog that immediately drove fans crazy: beautiful and very cute.

Gabriella Ferragni Gabriella Ferragni –

It can only be received with love and affection by the whole Fedez and Ferragni family. Kids will surely appreciate another pup to climb on.

In reality, the new dog lives in the house of her sister Francesca and her boyfriend Riku, who became parents to a beautiful boy a few months ago.

But Gabri probably often stays with the “uncles”, also because they are great dog lovers and their company is also good for the little people in the house.