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‘Chemo’ pointed this out "Hopefully the U-17 World Cup will take place" and Oblitas abruptly cut him off

Chemo pointed this out quotHopefully the U 17 World Cup will

I have a moment! The head of the minors’ technical unit, “Chemo” Del Solar, was consulted, but the “blind man” immediately spoke up.

the Peruvian team It will continue to be assembled at the level of smaller departments to perform at its best and produce great results for years to come. In this sense, José ‘Chemo’ Del Solar is the new head of the technical unit for minors, accompanied by Pablo Zegarra j Johnny Vegas (Goalkeeper).

“In March the South American U-17 tournament starts in Ecuador and in November we have the category World Cup, which hopefully can be played in our country,” he said. After a few minutes, a journalist asked him why he questioned the staging of the tournament.

Against this background, “Chemo” said that “a message came out recently and that there were difficulties”. Fast, Juan Carlos Oblitas He cut him off and spoke up: “It’s a question we can’t answer, but the World Cup is on, I think it will be,” he insisted.

When do the playoffs start?

The playoffs are expected to start in June, but it’s not 100% official yet. A FIFA date would be in March and we are thinking of two test matches. In contrast to the November date, it is part of the FIFA date and you can count on all the players,” he emphasized. Garcia Pye in the PBO Super Champion.

What changes will the 2026 World Cup format have?

The FIFA Congress held in May 2021 determined that the 2026 World Cup will bring together 48 teams. The headquarters of this competition is shared by Mexico, the United States and Canada. The odds for each confederation would be distributed as follows: UEFA (16), Africa (9.5), Asia (8.5), Conmebol (6.5), Concacaf (6.5) and Oceania (1.5).