Chef Salt Bae Distributes Thousands of Meals to Turks Affected by Devastating quake Extra

Chef Salt Bae, famous worldwide for the “golden steak”, began distribution Thousands of hot meals for their Turkish compatriots affected by the devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake on the Richter scale, hitting Turkey (more than 35,000 dead) and Syria (5,700 dead) last week.

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Tens of thousands of buildings collapsed in southern Turkey and northeastern Syria. Entire neighborhoods were destroyed in many cities near the quake’s epicenter, which was followed hours later by an almost equally powerful aftershock.

Salt Bae, real name Nusret Gökçe, decided to help the homeless who are facing the freezing winter conditions in the northern hemisphere.

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The 39yearold chef shared a video on Instagram by Your team members preparing food in a food truck and long lines of people including kids to get the free food.

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Homeless Turks receive food from Salt Bae Food Truck Homeless Turks receive food from a food truck in Salt Bae Photo: Reproduction/Instagram(@nusr_et)

Salt Bae workers prepare food for Turks displaced by the February 6 earthquake Salt Bae workers prepare food for Turks made homeless by the February 6 earthquake Photo: Reproduction/Instagram(@nusr_et)

“We started serving hot food to more people and reached 5,000 people a day.”he wrote in the post. “It will be the most important and meaningful service in the world for us”added the celebrity chef, earning praise on the social network.

“This is what we need to see more of humanity helping each other. It inspires me!!!”She posted a follower after criticizing that many only post Turkish flags in solidarity.