Chef Rubios parable from TV stardom to social media insults

Chef Rubio’s parable, from TV stardom to social media insults

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Having become famous with the program “Unti e bisunti”, the chef soon turned to other topics and began commenting on foreign policy facts, rounding up mishaps and lawsuits

He rose to fame as a freelance TV chef who didn’t pay attention to starred dishes, but rather home-made or street food. However, chef Rubio, whose real name is Gabriele Rubini, soon became known more for his outbursts than for his cooking skills. Born in Frascati on June 20, 1982, his path in sport, particularly rugby, seemed preordained. 2002 also saw him make his Super 10 debut with Parma, a team he stayed with until 2004. He rose to fame in 2013 thanks to the television show “Unti e bisunti”, which made him known for his true character, far removed from that of his other licensed television peers.

fame on television

Despite the success, Chef Rubio’s attention soon shifted from the kitchen to other topics, on which he has spoken out several times on social media, where he has a large following. After working with Amnesty International, he severed ties with the associations after some of his statements to Selvaggia Lucarelli were labeled misogyny by the same institution. Not only. The chef has often ventured out on foreign policy and has received more than one complaint for doing so. Rubio, in particular, has repeatedly defined Israel as an “impure” state that should not exist and has shown solidarity with the Palestinian people amid insults and reflections devoid of historical logic. Accused of being an anti-Semite, he always returned the accusation to the sender that he was not angry with the Jews, but “with the Zionists”. Among them he would indeed include Liliana Segre, who he says is guilty of concealing Israeli “misconduct”.

The complaints

Rubio had previously been sued in 2019 for inciting racial hatred over a tweet in which he called the State of Israel “disgusting” and then for defamation by members of the Fratelli d’Italia party for using the term “Umbrian racists” after the election. used by Donatella Tesei as President of the Umbria Regional Council.

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