Chaves Carlos Villagran appears dressed as Quico next to his

Chaves: Carlos Villagrán appears dressed as Quico next to his daughter on Instagram Online Séries

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Photo Playback/Instagram/@carlos_kiko1

The actor Carlo Villagran left marks while playing the character quico under “Key”. Over time, he became one of the most popular of the series alongside Ramón Valdés, Seu Madruga.

Villagran is one of the most active members of the cast on social media and is always sharing photos and videos with his family. In one publication, he appeared as a character alongside his daughter, Vanesa Villagran.

In the caption, Carlos highlighted all his love for the heiress: “My daughter, under 6 years old,” the actor wrote.

In the comments, he received the affection of the Brazilian fans.

“Quico, thank you for making me happy for the past 35 years. A big hug from Brazil!” said one fan.


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“Quico, since you can speak Portuguese, I’ll say it like this… I am very grateful for your work, for your culture and for your representativeness and importance in our Brazil. Here you will be loved and respected very much. Much health and peace! Muchas gracias!” wished another.

“Thank you for so many good times and great memories!” wrote another follower.

Several netizens thanked Villagran for being part of their lives, which made it even happier and funnier.