Charts Here are our favorite songs from September

Charts: Here are our favorite songs from September

After a rather meager summer of new songs, the month of September brought us an impressive amount of new tracks from our Quebec artists. Here are the ten that caught our attention.

mothersIngrid St Pierre

It’s obvious, every new piece by Ingrid St-Pierre makes our hearts capsize. This time, the singer-songwriter goes ahead with a sweet, more engaging song that addresses inaction in the face of climate upheaval. Also worth seeing is the excellent music video by Anaïs Barbeau-Lavalette and Frédérique Bérubé. When the beautiful meets the useful. (RGM)

sleeping in the carDaniel Belanger

If the Sleeping in the car excerpt is a good indicator of what Mercury will be like in May – which will be revealed on October 14 – we can expect a work with atmosphere and sound “à la Rêver mieux” from the popular singer-songwriter. It’s all there: poetic lyrics, catchy melody and such a moving voice. (SEN)

(I’m) in commandsword


Photo Courtesy, Sword


Silent for 32 years, Quebec metal band Sword will soon be releasing a third album. The first single, (I Am) In Kommand, is consistent and in the spirit of what they did on the Metalized and Sweet Dreams albums in the mid-1980s. It sounds and it makes you want to hear the rest. (YL)

The Origin of EvilPierre Lapointe & Fishbach

A few weeks ago we learned that Pierre Lapointe has been commissioned to create the soundtrack for Sébastien Marnier’s French film L’origine du mal. On the title track, we are entitled to a duet that seems to be from another time between Quebecois and French singer Fishbach. (RGM)

LineJason Bajada

It’s sweet, it’s beautifully metaphorical, it’s catchy and you can listen to it over and over again because it’s very good for the soul. One of the lead singles from the amazing new album, Crushed Grapes, “Snake” reminds us why Jason Bajada has carved a great place in the music industry since his debut nearly 15 years ago. (SEN)

tone 1anatole


The first song Alexandre Martel wrote with his wife Lou-Adriane Cassidy, Toune 1 is a laid-back, groovy track with beautiful vocal harmonies that suddenly fly away. There we find the musical signature of his Anatole project and his ex-formation Mauve. A totally cool song. (YL)

Nimueshtaten NEteKanen & Louis-Jean Cormier

Louis Jean Cormier and Kanen

Photo courtesy, shuen_photo

Louis Jean Cormier and Kanen

Radio-Canada Revelation 2022-2023, Indigenous artist Kanen offers the first single from his album to be released in 2023. On the very beautiful Nimueshtaten nete (I miss over there) we hear the singer unite her voice with that of Louis-Jean Cormier. Both speak with emotion of their homeland, the north coast. (RGM)

asylumvulgar things

Asile, second excerpt from the opus Disruption, out October 14th, is an ironic song full of cynicism in the face of the current troubled times. A track that stays true to the sound of the Vulgar Machins, with strong lyrics and a powerful chorus as the punk rock quartet knows how to do so well. (YL)

Less of the worstThe Franklin Electric

Franklin Electric

Photo agency QMI, Toma Iczkovits

Franklin Electric

The accent on the guitar, a very light, penetrating melody behind it, and Jon Matte’s unique voice without gimmicks: that’s all it takes for The Franklin Electric to enchant its admirers and win new ones. Add to this some felt lyrics that can relate to different times in our lives and you have a song that will most likely become a hit. (SEN)

Always a sunMaude Audet

Maude Audet

Photo courtesy of Fred Gervais

Maude Audet

After the two years of darkness that we have just experienced, the light is beginning to burst forth. This new track from the singer-songwriter aims to be the love song of this revival. Inspired by the 1960’s, this track immediately makes you feel good. Hear to bring a little sun into his day. (RGM)