Charlotte Aubin touchingly says goodbye to her character Jade in

Charlotte Aubin touchingly says goodbye to her character Jade in L’Échappée – 7 Jours

Actress Charlotte Aubin ended her impressive career in distribution on Monday The Runaway.

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For seven seasons, the actress who played the popular character Jade certainly brought her to life in all colors for the loyal audience. But as the saying goes, the best things come to an end. And that’s unfortunately the case with the drama VAT the final episode of which will air next spring.

Therefore, via her Instagram account, Charlotte Aubin highlighted her last day of shooting for L’Échappée, which took place on Monday. In her post, the actress, who can also be seen in Noovo’s new series The Emperor, wrote a moving farewell text dedicated to Jade.

“Yesterday was the last day of shooting for L’Échappée after 7 years. Lots of giggles, surprising leggings (lol), intimacy, crucial encounters, friendship. My heart is filled to the brim with memories, with fresh nostalgia. Thank you to all the wonderful friends-colleagues-family (we only know what we call them!) for the ride in this fictional Bas-du-Fleuve. Bye Jade. Thank you thank you thank you for everything. ♥️ (Slide 2: my best TV Hebdo photo ever 👍🏻)»

Don’t miss the latest episodes of The Runawayairs Mondays at 8 p.m. on TVA as well as on VAT+.

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