Charlene of Monaco The temporary Princess 45th Birthday Velvet Mag

Charlene of Monaco: The ‘temporary’ Princess’ 45th Birthday Velvet Mag

Princess Charlene of Monaco is ready to celebrate her 45th birthday with her family. According to news reported by German and French media in recent days, Prince Albert’s wife will receive all the honors of the event, with a party that will bring together the Grimaldi family. For the occasion, the Royal Palace would have hired professionals like the well-known chef Julien Dugourd del Chevre d’Or restaurant in Eze.

The Monegasque royal house did not release any official news about the princess’ birthday. But it is likely that on the day of the event her husband Albert you let go an interview or decide to publish a welcome message with a new photo Social. Even the same Princess Charlene could appear on their profiles to thank fans for the congratulations received.

Princess Charlene of Monacohandle

On the other hand, the arrival of 45 coincides with a new era of happiness for the former swimmer. Although you still work as a “princess with and without”. As a matter of fact, Charlene of Monaco has gradually resumed her life as First Lady of the small principality. This is what you can expect in the new year.

Charlene of Monaco is preparing to return to all her royal duties

The latest events from Princess Charlene from monk are unfortunately known to all. The last two years have indeed represented a really difficult time for the wife of Prince Albert. the 2021, was specifically defined as the annus horribilis of the Monegasque royal family. In fact, the former swimmer spent away from home most of the year, forced to stay in South Africa for serious health problems. 2022, on the other hand, was the year of the homecoming, with tentative signs of recovery. The same thing Albert and Charlene have given interviews to reassure fans and ask for filming time. The last few months seem to have borne fruit and the princess has returned work alongside her husband as First Lady.

Charlene of Monacohandle

According to some reports from the Chron, to help her would have been the enormous help of her family. In fact, a source claimed that the parents of the Princess Charlene They left their home in South Africa to pull by her side and support her in her recovery. Whether that’s the reason or not, what is certain is that the former swimmer has been making increasing appearances in recent months public obligations. From the Monaco Grand Prix to the opening of the Christmas markets, to fashion events and visits abroad, Charlene she’s back to work! There are still occasions when the Monegasque denounce their “absence” and when the Prince Albert he participates alone without having her by his side. In fact, she wasn’t present with him and their children at the appointment a few days ago circus. However, her husband recently confirmed this both will be present at the much-anticipated coronation of King Charles in May. So it can’t be said that the princess is back to full strength, but her progress is promising. For her, her 45th birthday already seems to be a promise of a better future!