Charlene of Monaco, "moved into his house": an oppressive suspicion

Charlene of Monaco, "moved into his house": an oppressive suspicion

Charlene of Monaco

there Princess Charlene of Monaco He is coping with the illness and feels better now. Also thanks to his family. In fact, it seems that his parents were and are very close to her and have been instrumental in her recovery. Now even the Wittstocks They left South Africa and yes they are transfer to Monte Carlo to be next to her.

The couple, Tgcom reports, live in a house near the Palazzo Grimaldi. The improvement in Charlene’s health was also thanks to the help of her loved ones, mother Lynette (ex-swimmers like her) and the father Mike. Mike Wittstock, 76, and the Princess’ mother Lynette, 63, have left their city of Johannesburg to live 8,000 miles away and be close to their daughter. And the princess herself, who celebrates her 45th birthday on January 25, defined her as “my rock”.

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Now that the worst is over, Charlene is hopeful: “I am approaching the future Step by step, day by day,” said Albert of Monaco’s wife. And “the Wittstock family has moved into a house a few minutes’ drive from Charlene, and they see each other all the time. They make her feel safe and remind her of the much easier life she had before she became Princess of Monaco.” One of her brothers, Gareth Wittstock, 42, moved to Monaco ten years ago and the other, 40 Sean Wittstock, who stayed in South Africa, calls her every day.