Chapeando The Absence of Maduro and the Southern Command Video

Chapeando: The Absence of Maduro and the Southern Command Video (+ Podcast)

Chapeando Spyglass Report Podcast

From Argentina, just before the start of the VII CELAC Summit, we start this podcast with an audio from the Argentine public television with the most important of the last hours: the arrival of Lula marking Brazil’s return to CELAC, from where Bolsonaro took it, and the official note from Venezuela announcing Maduro’s absence.

Reinier Duardo, in all his transcendence, analyzed the Venezuelan President’s denunciation of the actions of the Macristas and the far-right subordinate to Washington as a blatant attempt to boycott the summit.
And he linked these actions with the most recent ones Statements by the head of Southern Command threatening the entire region, which treats them as a backyard and source of strategic resources. In the name of such nonsense, they will consider a national security issue, the connection between our nations and countries they consider their adversaries.

Imperial arrogance transcends these insulting words. To prove it, the $15 million reward offered for capturing Maduro is on the horizon, as if the region were anything less than the American West. Or the sad story of the Venezuelan plane that was detained for months with its crew on board in Argentina… on behalf of the Yankees.

Bárbara Betancourt speaks about the scandalous attitude of Argentine judges who have come to try, convict and politically disqualify Vice President Cristina Fernández after an attempt on her life.

He also referred to the Imperial plan against CELAC. As the OAS dies of immorality and subservience to the United States, its bosses resist the triumph of the alternative.

At this summit, held behind closed doors, after the hosts’ opening remarks, will be clarified our America’s ability to save CELAC from the Yankee boycott and raise it on the ashes of the dying OAS.

But it’s difficult to top this peak like the historic one in Mar del Plata, where the FTAA was buried in 2005. There seems to be no consensus and in this mechanism agreements depend on unanimity.

We keep hacking.

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