Chaos ahead of Big Brother Vip: Sonia Bruganelli in trouble

Chaos ahead of Big Brother Vip: Sonia Bruganelli in trouble

Sonja Bruganelli has been confirmed as an expert of Big Brother Vip 7 and spends the last few days with it Vacation along with his family before returning to work. In the last few days, however, he has had to face some Unpleasantries. Here’s what happened to her.

Sonia Bruganelli, some inconveniences on vacation

Sonja Bruganelli, despite what was previously said, it was confirmed as columnist of the new edition of Grande Fratello Vip which starts on Monday September 12th. This season lasts at least until spring of the new year, except for program changes. He’s there this week Vacation in Formentera with family and a group of friends.

However, he had to go through a lot in the last few days problems not even a little bit. On the day in August he was at the beach with his loved ones when the weather forecast it suddenly changed. In fact, on social media, Bruganelli documented the situation where the beach appeared naked and covered Clouds black men threatening a bad storm.

In fact, he remarked that he was handsome Show, but that everything would happen. However, Paolo Bonolis’ wife was not demoralized and continued to spend his day by the sea. But the weather isn’t the only thing problem this summer. Let’s see what happened again.

Sonia Bruganelli worried about her hair before returning to work

there Vacation in Formentera by the Bonolis family – Bruganelli continues at full speed. Last days of relaxation before returning to the engagements newspapers. In addition, the Bruganelli will occupy himself with one in addition to his work long edition by Big Brother Vip. Time wasn’t the only situation unpleasant that he had to face.

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there saltiness of the sea would indeed ruined her gorgeous blonde locks and let her fans know she needs a little work on them before she can get them back Perfect. Nothing serious really, but he’ll have to spend a few more hours with his parents hairdressers of trust. Meanwhile, let’s just talk about the reality show reboot.

Many have come out in the past few weeks rumours Regarding the cast of the competitors and it seems that Antonino Spinalbese and Fariba, Giulia Salemi’s mother, will cross the red door. Instead they seem to have refused Evelina, daughter of Vittorio Sgarbi, Gessica Notato and singer Blanco’s former girlfriend.

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Alfonso Signorini is still working on establishing some details not easy to define. The ones that have been confirmed for a while are the opinion leader, It’s about Sonja Bruganelli exactly and from Orietta Bertie. We’re sure we’ll see some good ones.