Chanel Totti reveals: "  support instead of my mother Ilary …”.  Then the joke about Nedved       dello Sport

Chanel Totti reveals: " support instead of my mother Ilary …”. Then the joke about Nedved dello Sport

Fifteen and a half years old: nice, confident, sometimes a bit arrogant like many kids her age. Chanel Totti, second daughter of Francesco and Ilary BlasiShe co-starred with a friend of hers, Carolina, in a live broadcast on Twitch and Rosso, a web phenomenon that young people love so much today. Between jokes – the boy’s are not always elegant – and slightly more serious speeches, Chanel, born on May 13, 2007 (“but you don’t ask a woman her age,” she said) shared a little about herself. Starting with football.

Chanel Totti between Rome, Naples and …

The girl, who is a sophomore of high school, revealed: “I’m not a big expert, I don’t even know exactly who is there now, but I support Roma. Lazio? No, come on, Inter on that point.. Between Napoli and Juventus, Napoli is better”. Regarding the mother’s (past) Lazio sympathies, Ilary Blasi, Chanel said, “No, she’s not cheering.” A hilarious moment, reminiscent of her father’s brilliant jokes, was when a user told the girl that she looked so blonde Pavel Nedved: “But who is there?” she answered. They then showed her a photo and Chanel replied, “Ah, but that’s Balzaretti.”

Chanel Totti and the relationship with Francesco

However, when asked what it’s like to be the daughter of Toti, the 15-year-old was honest: “It’s not always easy, sometimes it’s quite complicated. There are advantages and disadvantages.” However, she is so in love with her father that when asked about the seven kings of Rome, she says, “For me it’s only one”. Also very close to her older brother ChristianChanel is embarrassed when he enters the room with a friend and would like to uncouple her. They argue, then the girl admits: “My brother is like that: jealous and possessive.”

Chanel Totti and life in southern Rome

Other pills the thought of Chanel: “I don’t like flowers, if they really had to make me roses I’d like them in yellow and red. I live in Eur, the modern part of South Rome, I never look at friends nor do I want to be a TV presenter like my mother “. However, seeing her so relaxed in front of the screen, you wouldn’t believe it.