Chanel Totti on social media: "I’m not an expert, but I support  .  Mama Ilary on the other hand…"

Chanel Totti on social media: "I’m not an expert, but I support . Mama Ilary on the other hand…"

Francesco and Blasi’s second daughter speaks about herself in a live twitch: “Between Naples and Juventus, Napoli is better. And Rome only has one king.”

He’s already a star on TikTok. But he also seems to be doing well on Twitch. Chanel Totti, the second daughter of the former Roma captain, was the protagonist of a live broadcast with a friend and the social phenomenon of the “Reds”. The 15-year-old took the opportunity to share her story and reveal a few sides of herself, starting with her relationship with football. Although Chanel is not a big fan, her heart inevitably beats yellow and red: “I’m not a big expert, I don’t even know who is there now, but do I support Rome. Lazio? No, come on, Inter.” this point.. Napoli is better between Napoli and Juventus”. So clear ideas also because mother Ilary, who had expressed her sympathy for the Biancocelesti colors in the past, in reality “didn’t really support it”. In any case, the second daughter seems to be Totti family not having paid much attention to papa Francesco’s passion If someone actually compares the blond of his hair to Nedved’s, the question arises: “Who is that?” And after seeing the photo of the former Juventus coach has seen, it doesn’t look any better: “Ah, but that’s Balzaretti”.

In the spotlight

When asked what it’s like to live in the capital and be Francesco Totti’s daughter, Chanel doesn’t hold back: “It’s not always easy, sometimes it’s quite complicated. There are pros and cons.” But when we talk about the kings of Rome, there is no doubt: “For me – she proudly says – there is only one”. Besides the Roma flag, there is another man in the heart of Chanel. It’s older brother Cristian, defined as: “jealous and possessive”.

private life

Before ending the live broadcast, Chanel shared other little details from her life as a teenager: “I don’t love flowers, if you really gave me roses I’d like them to be yellow and red. I live in Eur, the “modern part of South Rome, I never look at friends and I don’t want to be a TV presenter like my mother”. There is still plenty of time to decide about your own future.

January 18, 2023 (change January 18, 2023 | 20:39)