Challenger 2 the new British Army tank

Challenger 2, the new British Army tank

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The Challenger 2 is the main battle tank supplied to the British Army and is a direct development of the previous Challenger 1. It is an armored and highly mobile vehicle. While its primary role is to destroy or neutralize infantry fighting vehicles, the Challenger 2 can be deployed across a spectrum of high-intensity conflict, counterinsurgency, and peacekeeping.

The vehicle is armed with a 120mm L30 rifled cannon that fires both long-barreled ammunition and high-explosive (HESH) ammunition. Optical and thermal sights are provided for both the commander and gunner, including an independent 360ᵒ panoramic view for the commander. The sighting systems, turret and gun are fully stabilized, allowing for quick target acquisition in both stationary and moving positions.

Mobility is provided by a 1200hp 12-cylinder Perkins CV12 diesel engine with a David Brown TN54 gearbox offering six forward and two reverse gears. A bi-articulated caterpillar with hydrogas suspension and hydraulic track tensioner ensure platform stability on level road surfaces and rough terrain.

The Challenger 2 served in British Army operations in Bosnia, Kosovo and Iraq.

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