Cezar suggests the couple give a Greek kiss at the

Cezar suggests the couple give a Greek kiss at the Leader’s Party Splash

Wednesday is the Leader’s Party at BBB 23 (Globo). Tonight, Bruna Griphao and Larissa will celebrate their leadership at a party that combines themes: historical soap operas with mega funk parties.

In Quarto Aquário some brothers joked that the topic would be “Greek funk” since Larissa asked about funk and Bruna was of Greek descent.

They joked that there would be kisses at the party when Cezar posed an intimate question and then addressed the couple Key Alves and Gustavo: “Will there be a Greek kiss”?

Everyone burst out laughing.

What is a Greek kiss?

While “On Vacation With An Ex” aired on MTV, Splash explained what it meant: “The Greek kiss is a foreplay sexual act that consists essentially of licking or kissing a partner’s anus or anal area. By the way, it is worth mentioning: with the mouth.

As the name suggests, the Greek kiss originated in ancient Greece and was only practiced by men during orgies. The intention was to lubricate the anal area to facilitate penetration.

Over the years and changes in sexual relationships, the Greek kiss has become a universal practice, applicable to both homosexual and heterosexual couples. The taboo surrounding the act is gradually disappearing.

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