CES 2023 LG introduces the new OLED TV series A3

CES 2023: LG introduces the new OLED TV series A3, B3, C3, G3 and Z3, up to 70% brighter

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As expected, LG Electronics has formalized its new series of TVs with white OLED display technology. These are the A3, B3, C3, G3 and Z3 series. The G3 series is the brightest and uses the integration of micro lenses. It promises a brightness peak that is up to 70% higher than other series.

“On the way to more and more brightness” could be LG’s slogan for its 2023 TVs, as the manufacturer has strived to develop brighter screens than the previous ones to compete with LCD screens, which are far ahead in this respect . The best actually exceed 1500 nits, while the best OLED screens top out at 1000 nits.

A little MLA

For this, LG Display, supplier of the white OLED panels, has integrated a microlens panel (MLA for Micro Lens Array) which, combined with a new light amplification algorithm, would make it possible, according to LG, to obtain an image up to 70% brighter in full screen mode compared to the B2 and B3 series. This combination is called Brightness Booster Max technology. However, it is not integrated in all series and sizes. However, only the G3 series on the diagonals 55, 65 and 77 inches will benefit from this, while larger models, 83 and 97 inches, are also planned for this series. However, the latter do not use this technology. LG announces a 30-40% gain in full-screen brightness for the OLED83G3 and OLED97G3 TVs. Attention, let’s take this opportunity to point out that the figures given by LG are shown in “full screen”, while the measurements that we mention in the graphs when publishing the tests are carried out on test charts containing 10% occupying the surface of the screen. In the text, we have so far more and more often specified the “full screen” brightness, which should become systematic in the next tests. In any case, we can’t wait to test this new panel with Brightness Booster Max technology to measure the difference between the G2 series and the new G3. The brightness of the B3 and C3 series would not change significantly from the current B2 and C2 series, according to LG.

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The LG A3 series (Ultra HD OLED 50/60 Hz) will be available in 48 inches and up to 77 inches. The LG B3 series (Ultra HD OLED 100/120 Hz) is offered from 55 to 77 inches. The LG C3 series (Ultra HD OLED Evo Brightness Booster) will be available from 42 to 83 inches, while the G3 series (Ultra HD OLED Evo Brightness Booster Max) will be available from 55 to 97 inches as mentioned. Finally, the Z3 series (Ultra HD 8K OLED Evo Brightness Booster) will be available in 77 and 88 inches.

QMS VRR compatibility and a new generation of Alpha9 chipset for certain series

All LG 2023 TVs come with four HDMI 2.1 connectors (two for the B3 series) with support for Ultra HD signals at 120 frames per second, HDR10, Dolby Vision (up to Ultra HD at 120 frames per second), Dolby Atmos, VRR equipped, AMD FreeSync Premium, Nvidia G-Sync. In addition, you can also use the QMS-VRR (Quick Media Switching Variable Refresh Rate) technology via the HDMI 2.1 inputs, which is supported in particular by the Apple TV 2022 box, which eliminates the black screen phenomenon when switching between the different frequencies.

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The A3 and B3 series use the fifth-generation Alpha9 processor, according to LG, while the others use the sixth-generation Alpha9 chip with improved scaling capabilities. The chipset would thus be able to detect objects present in the image to improve sharpness, or apply the most appropriate HDR tone mapping to each element instead of the entire scene for more precision. This new processor also offers other features such as adaptive tone control, automatic balance control and audio mixing to virtual surround sound up to 9.1.2 channels. We can also count on the integration of the Wow Orchestra function, coupled with an LG 2023 soundbar. In terms of audio, the DTS format still doesn’t seem to be supported, but the manufacturer compensates for this by offering a feature that allows you to pass the DTS signal to an IMAX Enhanced-compatible soundbar (brand or other).

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New version of WebOS, only for 2023 models

LG has developed a new version of the WebOS system. This is WebOS 23 which would only be available for 2023 models (to be confirmed). The homepage is full screen and the user interface offers a simplified browsing experience compared to previous versions.
In addition, LG 2023 TVs support the Matter Home Automation Protocol and benefit from a new customizable quick settings menu, giving the user quick access to picture and sound settings.

Source: LG


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