Celebrity House: Did Osmel Sousa Remember Madison Anderson?

Celebrity House: Did Osmel Sousa Remember Madison Anderson?

The first full day inside The House of Celebrities in its third season passed without much controversy, but friendships and alliances began to blossom that could have an impact in the weeks to come. Also, as luck would have it, Mexican Aristeo Cázares became the first leader of the week.

However, during the two-hour gala, Telemundo presented one of the situations that gave it the most poignancy was the interaction between the former Puerto Rican beauty queen Madison Anderson Berries with Osmel Sousathe so-called Tsar of Queens.

As revealed in the show, Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2019 asked Sousa several times if he remembered her during a lively and lengthy conversation they had. It was clear from Anderson’s reaction and questions that Sousa wasn’t exactly sure who he was talking to.

During editing by the production, where much emphasis was placed on Anderson’s insistence on knowing if Souza recognized her, along with the presenters’ comments, Hector Sandarti and Jimena GallegoThe situation went from being funny to a mockery of the model and the singer.

During the conversation they both showed, they talked animatedly about past Miss Universe pageants, with dates that weren’t necessarily accurate as neither of them remembered the exact names of the contestants or the locations where the pageant took place, as we did talk about. At all times, Anderson tried to get Sousa to place her in the Miss Universe pageant, which she entered and where she became the first runner-up.

Another of the moments that stood out the most on the first full day of this season was when Cázares, disguised as a pirate, managed to accidentally open a giant padlock that was on a replica of a pirate ship that was located in the courtyard of the “sentence”. This gave the athlete parkour and exemplary immunity in the coming days, as well as the selection of his compatriot Juan Rivera, accompanying him to a more comfortable room and saving him from the first elimination vote.

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