Cecilia Rodriguez quotchallenge acceptedquothere it is in the unreleased version

Cecilia Rodriguez: "challenge accepted"here it is in the unreleased version Cityrumors Abruzzo

Cecilia Rodriguez had never seen herself like this! The renowned Argentine showgirl appeared on social media in a completely unusual attire.

His name is one of the most talked about names in recent times. Cecilia Rodriguez has followed in the footsteps of her older sister Belen and has also established herself in the world of national show business. She arrived from Argentina with her large family just a few years agoThe model and showgirl has come a long way over time.

Cecilia RodríguezCecilia Rodriguez surprises everyone on social media – (cityrumors.it)

Today everyone knows Cecilia Rodriguez not only thanks to her the beauty that characterizes it, but also the friendliness and exuberance which certainly won’t go unnoticed. It’s hard to forget the great showgirl in some of the most popular television shows like “Island of the Famous”, “Big Brother VIP” and so on.

But on the Internet, the youngest of the Rodriguez family gives her best of herself, not only through the photos but also through the videos that she increasingly shares. In fact, the beautiful Cecilia often interacts with the many fans here and shows herself in different moments of her life. They were the ones who noticed a film that did not go unnoticed for a very specific reason.

Cecilia Rodriguez, how did she appear on social media?

For several years now, the beautiful Cecilia has not only been a prominent model and showgirl. In fact, Belen’s younger sister was also active on the internet and became an influencer in every sense. Online and especially On Instagram, Rodriguez collaborates with major Italian and foreign brands. Share posts about clothing, travel and more.

Rodriguez Cecilia Cecilia Rodriguez as a superhero in the web commercial – official IG profile photo @chechurodriguez_real (cityrumors.it)

The latest video is no exception, in which Cecilia Rodriguez is the absolute protagonist. More precisely, it is a short commercial that the Argentine influencer filmed for a well-known toothbrush brand. Here In the video, Rodriguez appears in a completely new guise and takes on the role of a modern superhero. “Challenge accepted,” wrote the beautiful Cecilia in the caption of the post on Instagram.

Cecilia Rodriguez was born in 1990 and is one of the most popular characters today. In addition to his rich career, The Argentine showgirl has made many headlines regarding her personal life. Rodriguez is currently linked to Ignazio Moser, but longtime fans will no doubt remember the rocky beginning of their love story.

It was 2017 when Cecilia took part in Big Brother VIP. At the time, Rodriguez was engaged to Francesco Monte, albeit in the most spied on house in Italy An incredible harmony emerged between the beautiful Argentine and Ignazio Moser. Because of this, Rodriguez ended the story with Monte and began a relationship with Moser that continues to this day.