Cazzu receives the worst boos in Argentina and explodes on stage: "you must respect me"    SPORTS WORLD

Cazzu receives the worst boos in Argentina and explodes on stage: "you must respect me" SPORTS WORLD

cazzu exploded in the Boom Boom Festival being booed by the public in their home country, Argentina: “You have to respect me,” the rapper demanded. Between whistles and screams demanding that she get off the stage, Christian Nodal’s girlfriend reacted angrily and demanded that she be allowed to continue with her show; however, things got out of hand.

“When there are a lot of people who don’t know us, usually when you’re a girl and you go on stage, they insult you, they tell you to go. I am a woman, you must respect me‘ the rapper, annoyed by the boos she received during her presentation, said that despite her multiple attempts, she couldn’t finish the planned repertoire.

You must have a lot of eggs To get on the stage, there are many men who don’t have balls. I stand proud here and if you don’t like it, you should go. I want to dedicate it to the guys asking me to go. Me You pay me a lot to be hereI do not believe you. Hold on, Córdoba,” he added.

Now some netizens are wondering how famous Christian Nodal’s girlfriend is in Argentina, because the video shows the opposite.

Cazzu is booed in Mexico

During the Qatar World Cup 2022Cazzu performed in Mexico City Flow Fest making his first presentation to Mexican fans after it was revealed he was dating Christian Nodal, Belinda’s ex.

cazzu He sang hours after Mexico’s national team lost 2-0 to Argentina at the World Cup in Qatar. Nodal’s girlfriend was feeling a little apathetic towards the public, so she decided to make a comment, which several fans didn’t like.

Cazzu’s comment ignited the Mexican public, who didn’t hold back and started with a heavy downpour whistles shows his rejection of the Argentine trapper.

And that’s exactly what Cazzu decided to comment on Mexico’s defeat during his presentation at Flow Fest, and the audience listening spared nothing and whistled several hateful whistles.

“Ah! You lost today (Mexico’s loss to Argentina), right? That’s why they’re tired,” Cazzu said after singing three songs.

After his comment, several people showed theirs rejection towards the Argentine trapper, because in the video that was circulating on social networks you can hear: “return to where it came from“.

the Christian Nodal’s girlfriendinsisted and even let the public compete to see who sang the most, but given the low response, Cazzu said, “You want a revenge, I don’t have time to take revenge”, but the public showed their dissatisfaction and did not. Do not hesitate to upload the images to be exhibited on the networks

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