"Cazzu Pass": The hip movement of the Argentine trapeze, which is already a trend in networks |  VIDEO

"Cazzu Pass": The hip movement of the Argentine trapeze, which is already a trend in networks | VIDEO

Thanks to social networks, people can see what their artists, influencers, actors and singers are experiencing in the moment they admire most and even generate trends in movements, dances, challenges and clothing styles.

As recently with the famous “Cazzu step”, after the famous Argentine singer, who has been linked on several occasions to the Mexican regional artist Christian Nodal, uploaded to her networks a video in which she dances herself in a very special way during a concert shows Weise while wearing a short dress that caused a sensation among thousands of fans around the world.

“The step of Cazzu” is already a trend

This video already has thousands of views and different users are trying to imitate this new step, as was the case with Anitta, which has even been imitated by other celebrities like Eduin Caz from Grupo Firme during their concerts.

Cazzu is a famous Argentine singer and rapper who has garnered attention for her unique style of music, but also after being spotted alongside Mexican regional music singer Christian Nodal, where it has been suggested multiple times that both share a love affair.

Cazzu is a famous Argentine rapper and singer. PHOTO: Special

Who is Cazu?

He knew from an early age that he wanted to devote himself to music, so he decided to start his career as a singer alongside his father, who was an amateur musician; At the age of 14 he published his first work and paid for his first studio recordings and some clips.

In 2018, the famous actress starred in the song “Loca” by Khea and Duki and became one of the most important female characters of the genre in the south of the continent; and in 2019 he presented his second album entitled “Error 93” which includes the song “Visto a las 00:00” shot by Ballve, a leading visual artist in this genre.


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