Caught Lulù Selassié, this detail confirms it: it’s never over |  PHOTO

Caught Lulù Selassié, this detail confirms it: it’s never over | PHOTO

Princess Lulù Selassié is once again in the sights of gossip over a detail that has caught the eye of many and which shows that for her, Manuel Bortuzzo’s story is never-ending. But what has betrayed his integrity?

Lulù Selassiè detailLulù Selassiè Detail – Nanopress

The last edition of Big brother VIP gave the viewers various flirtations and relationships in the house: one in particular between the princess Lulù Selassié and former swimmer Manuel Bortuzzowho stayed together for some time after the reality show ended.

Fans thought they could be together forever but then Manuel decided to end their relationship. However, it seems so Lulu hasn’t gotten over it yetas one detail shows.

Lulu still in love with Manuel Bortuzzo? The sign that makes you think

The Ethiopian Princess Lulu Selassie became famous in Italy thanks Big Brother VIP 6where she attended with her sisters Jessica and Clarissa.

In the most spied house in Italy, Lulù fell in love with Manuel Bortuzzothe former swimmer who at first showed no interest, but then fell in love with the girl and began a real relationship.

The two seemed closer than ever but then, a few weeks after the reality show ended, They announced the separation. Desperate fans have repeatedly sought explanations, but whenever he has closed in on his silence, Lulu has always said it all happened because of other people.

lulu he never really got over itThis is also the opinion of many of his fans, but now the surest proof is there.

During a tennis tournament called “Vip Master”, the Selassié, without realizing it, showed the wallpaper on his phone. Guess which image we’re talking about?

Lulu still has it as a background a photo of him and Manuelhappy and smiling, a sign that maybe the breakup isn’t quite over yet.

The couple’s fans have gone crazy: social networks are bombarded with their comments, hoping that something can be reborn between the two as soon as possible.

Lulù Selassiè, the love for Bortuzzo that still doesn’t go away

After this umpteenth Demonstration of Lulu’s love for Manuel BortuzzoFans are very excited because they’ve been hoping for a flashback since April.

Manuel Bortuzzo and Lulu SelassieManuel Bortuzzo and Lulù Selassié –

Lulu and Manuel made the audience fall in love with GF Vip 6 hosted by Alfonso Signorini. Her story was really good, but unfortunately It seems that his family did not value the princess very much.

The exact reasons for the breakup are not known, there has been talk of both the interference of Bortuzzo’s family and the fact that he was not really in love, among many other hypotheses.

Manuel’s version, succinct and short, was at the time they were among them irreconcilable differences. But Lulù confessed in Silvia Toffanin’s studio in Verissimo that she’s still in love.

Lulù thought he had found the love of his life with which he started making plans and thinking about the future: “You dream about them because you think you have found the love of your life. So all the things that we said to each other are all things that we said because there really was an intention to do that. “.

In short, the princess is not giving up and as her phone shows, she is ready to win back the heart of her beloved Manuel. Will he succeed? We’ll see, at the moment there is no news from the ex-swimmer, in fact he seems to have returned to live his life alone and in serenity.