Cattelan takes revenge on Belen live He said she wasnt

Cattelan takes revenge on Belen live: “He said she wasn’t feeling well. If it was a problem that could be solved

Belen and Cattelan, there is no marriage. For the second time (says the presenter) the showgirl fails her show and now decides to take revenge live. Rodriguez was announced last week among the guests of the premiere of Stasera C’è Cattelan that aired last night, then everything changes and Belen withdraws. During the press conference, Alessandro Cattelan was keen to explain what happened. But not satisfied with that, he wanted to take up the topic again live yesterday with a very biting monologue.


Stefano De Martino to Belve, the revelation about Belen Rodriguez: “The marriage did not end because of betrayal”

Beln knocks out Cattelan and gets revenge live

“Tonight Annalisa, Tedua and then of course Belen will be with us!” No, it’s not there, it’s disappeared. In fact, she didn’t come at all. Now I’m going to tell you what really happened. And here is the truth that was told to Cattelan.

“We invited Belen, she said yes, nice, I was happy. We spoke on the phone and she told me: “Ale, I can’t wait to come so we can do lots of fun things.” Everything is ok. Then, at some point, they await the episode of Belve, in which two of their ex-boyfriends, Corona and Stefano De Martino, appear as guests. I said to myself, “Perfect, from a television perspective it’s perfect.” And yet nothing is perfect.

Belen chooses Mara Venier and says no to Alessandro Cattelan: “He will tell the truth about Stefano De Martino and his departure from Mediaset.”

The reason for the flat rate

“But there they tell us that Belen won’t come because she’s not feeling very well. And I believed it, that is, I still believe it. In fact, I hope you’re feeling better. It seems that you are not feeling well, you couldn’t come tonight. And then, with a Robin Hood-like ability, Ale fires all the arrows he has in his bow. “But yesterday he posted this story on Instagram. Here she is with a glass, I think she’s in the ASL, this seems like the ASL to me. Given the medical crisis, everyone is getting treatment wherever they can. If it was a problem that could be solved with alcohol, he could come here. What you see will be the doctor’s hands.

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The ditch

And then he reveals the questions he would have asked her: “We had already started working on her guest and so here are the questions I would have asked her: What did you see on TV tonight?” Come on now , since you are no longer at Mediaset, to Rai? Given the sharp rise in interest rates, do you recommend a fixed or variable interest rate? Have you made peace with Maddalena Corvaglia? Was that Canalis? Which of today’s guests at the Belve would you throw off the tower? Favorite position when dragging the package to my programs? Because it’s the second time it’s happened.