Cássia Kis would have humiliated a waiter and caused his dismissal

Cássia Kis would have humiliated a waiter and caused his dismissal

The episode happened when the employee who was on probation had to help the veteran actress

Jan 20, 2023 12:58 am

(updated at 07:43)

Photo: Reproduction/Globo/Modern Popcorn

The actress Cássia Kis, involved in several controversies, was reported by the waiter Rodrigo Castelli for moral harassment. This Thursday (January 19) he went public to report on a terrible experience with the artist. According to the young man, Cássia humiliated him and caused his resignation in a prestigious restaurant. The episode happened when Rodrigo, who was on probation, had to help the veteran actress.

“I was a waiter in a restaurant and I received a lot of famous people there. But that day I received Cássia Kiss and she humiliated me,” he said.

It all started when Cássia arrived at the restaurant and took the menu from the waiter’s hands. “She said she already knew what she wanted and asked me if the egg we used was red. I had to go to the chef to ask it. I went back and told her. But she came to me with another question: whether the egg I went to the cook, came back and said yes. Then she humiliated me, screamed and said that I didn’t deserve to work there, that I should look for another job. She said many things,” Rodrigo said.

Castelli says he was sent away from the restaurant ten days later because he was still on probation.

After his outburst on social media, the waiter reported receiving death threats from people who accused him of being bought: “And actually, I just wish she was a happier person and stopped trying to humiliate others,” concluded Rodrigo.

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