Case of the 46 Ivorian soldiers Despite the end of

Case of the 46 Ivorian soldiers: Despite the end of the ultimatum, ECOWAS does not intend to sanction Mali

Published on: 02/01/2023 – 02:38

The Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) had given Mali until January 1 to release the 46 Ivorian soldiers accused by Bamako of being mercenaries. But the date has now passed and the 46 soldiers who were sentenced to 20 years in prison have not been released. However, ECOWAS has no intention of sanctioning Mali.

With our correspondent in the region, Serge Daniel

Diplomats from the sub-regional institution contacted by RFI agree: there will be no sanction from the in the near future ECOWAS against Mali.

The authorities of Bamako have convened a special court to judge the 46 soldiers before the end of the ECOWAS ultimatum, if they could wait a few more months, explains one of our interlocutors. A sign that they still listened to the embassy of the state association.

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Then relations between Mali and Côte d’Ivoire have since improved significantly. with the memorandum recently signed by the two governments. This is therefore not the time to create new tensions, adds another source familiar with the matter.

All eyes now turn to Koulouba, the seat of the presidential palace in Bamako, where a possible presidential pardon could be decided. According to our information, Togo, the mediating country in this case, is multiplying the initiatives for a quick and happy outcome.

For their part, so as not to slow down the process, which could lead to a presidential pardon, defense attorneys filed a non-appeal statement with the clerk of the Court of Appeals at the end of the trial, confirming that they are waiving any appeal.