CASA: Emilie Cerretti and her spouse present “Behind the Scenes”

CASA: Emilie Cerretti and her spouse present “Behind the Scenes”

Professionally and privately, the designer Emilie Cerretti and her jack-of-all-trades partner Stéphane Larente open the doors of their everyday life and lift the veil “behind the scenes”.

The docu-reality developed by the couple with Trio Orange is rightly interested in the downsides of design projects, with the aim of showing everything that decoration shows usually leave out and with the concern to show the “reality” of what surrounds this species from project.

“Decoration programs often get distorted,” the designer told Agence QMI. We only ever see the best moments of a project that can span several weeks. We only show 20 minutes on TV of a project that lasts for weeks and doesn’t always go well,” she continued.

“Behind the Scenes” will therefore accompany the couple in the development of five of their projects, with real customers as they present themselves, with the constraints, failures and successes. “We will experience the problems and find the solutions,” said the designer.

“The idea is really to let people experience the good and not so good sides of the daily life of an entrepreneur, a client and a designer,” added Stéphane Larente, especially given the lack of manpower, labour, materials and availability.

The show is also an opportunity for the couple to showcase their full team, which usually stays behind the scenes. “We will see our employees and with all this also the private life, in the chalet, at home in the patchwork family life,” said Emilie Cerretti.

The couple have five daughters ranging in age from 11 to 20 and they all live together in the same house every two weeks.

Aside from some members’ shyness when the cameras arrived, the couple, who had just started filming when speaking to the QMI agency, appeared ready and excited to embark on this new adventure.

“We’re really going to live it day by day. There will be setbacks, sometimes customers change their minds at the last minute, we want to show that too,” said Stéphane Larente, adding that every day it is a surprise whether there are cameras or not.

“Decoration of the Stars”: A Chronicle in the “7 Days”

Starting in September, the duo will have their monthly column in 7 Jours magazine entitled Déco de stars.

As part of the latter, the couple will go to a socialite to pick up good moves and less interesting ideas or mistakes in the layout or proportions of their decor, such as a rug that’s too small or a frame that’s too big for the space . Everything is done with humor and at the same time provide advice.

The first chronicle will show the decoration by Joël Legendre, with whom the designer had hosted the program “Open, we never know” on Canal Vie from 2017.

“Behind the Scenes” will be available on CASA next spring. In the meantime, Emilie Cerretti will continue to write for Les idées de ma maison magazine and continue her columns for Salut bonjour and Salut bonjour weekend on TVA. The “Star Jewelry” section will appear in the “7 Jours” from September.