Cars and pedestrians flee to save themselves The video is

Cars and pedestrians flee to save themselves. The video is doing the rounds on the web

Christmas is beginning to be felt in European capitals. In London there are already decorations in the streets, but bad weather is not his friend. Two giant Christmas baubles wreaked havoc as they rolled down a high street in central London on Halloween night.

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London, two huge Christmas balls conquer the city center

A video capturing the bizarre moment was posted on TikTok by The Shade Borough, who captioned the post: “Looks like these #Christmas decorations couldn’t withstand the high winds in central London last night! “Two giant balls were sighted flying across Tottenham Court Road.” The 46-second clip shows motorists, cyclists and pedestrians trying not to be hit by the two giant silver balls sliding down the road, Street lights and buildings hit before stopping their descent and blocking the street.

@theshadeborough Looks like these #Christmas decorations couldn’t withstand the strong winds in central London last night! Two giant spheres have been spotted flying through Tottenham Court Road. šŸ˜³šŸŽ„[šŸŽ„CC:@teeblundā™¬O-Ton-TheShadeBorough[šŸŽ„CC:@teeblundā™¬originalsound-TheShadeBorough[šŸŽ„CC:@teeblundā™¬O-Ton-TheShadeBorough[šŸŽ„CC:@teeblundā™¬originalsound-TheShadeBorough


Apparently, the video went around the web and users gave each other funny comments: “Now explain it to your insurance company.” Another commented, “They heard Mariah Carey calling and got together.”

The unusual scene came after the Met Office issued a weather warning for the south coast of England as Storm Claudius entered Britain from France.

Bad weather is expected to continue to ravage London, with the Met Office expecting “further heavy showers throughout the evening and strong winds to persist”.