1673321557 Carrillo mocks Callens for wanting to play with Zambrano in

Carrillo mocks Callens for wanting to play with Zambrano in Alianza Lima: “Chapa tu boys no más”

Carrillo mocks Callens for wanting to play with Zambrano in

Carlo Zambrano It was the last signature bomb of Alliance of Lima for the 2023 season. Presented at the Blue and White Afternoon, the ‘León’ is the brand new reinforcement of the intimates for the 1st League and Copa Libertadores; However, another player from the Peru team was moved by his arrival and sent a message that delighted Victorian fans: Alexander Callens He asked the emperor to wait for him.

“You know. Wait till I break a lot of legs,” the red-and-white defender commented in Zambrano’s release on his official Instagram account. In this way, Callens joins the long list of prominent footballers who have expressed their desire to play for Alianza: Renato Tapia, Pedro Gallese and Sergio Peña.

Commentary by Alexander Callens to Carlos Zambrano. Photo: Instagram shot

This comment by Callens was dismissed by various media, including the portal Filtered Pass, which published an image with what the footballer had written; However, no one expected André Carrillo, true to his style, to publish a strange phrase to annoy his partner and friend.

“Alexander Callens, don’t flatten your boys anymore and no ***”, wrote the “Culebra”, which once again “bites” against one of the Peruvian team players. As we will remember, the Peruvian defender is a fan of the Chalaco team and stated that he would like to retire there; However, he also said that one day he would like to wear blue and white.

Commentary by Andre Carrillo. Photo: Instagram shot

When will Alianza Lima play again?

The next friendly match for the La Victoria team will take place this Saturday, January 14th. Those of La Victoria are the invited rivals for the Verdolaga Night of Club Atlético Nacional de Colombia.