Carolina Cruz explains why her son has been sticking his tongue out for so long

Carolina Cruz explains why her son has been sticking his tongue out for so long

Carolina Cruz is one of the most well-known models in the country thanks to her professional career and her social networks. because it has more than seven million followers on Instagram, who also follow the everyday life of the moderator.

The woman from Cali is used to sharing her everyday life with her two children – Matías and Salvador Palomeque Cruz – always following their adventures or just sharing their home.

However, when the presenter shows her son under one year old in stories or photos, netizens sometimes wonder why he appears with his tongue out and what is the state of the child’s health.

Ahead of the comments, in an effort to clarify with his fans easily, Cruz replied: “It has nothing to do with what happened to Salva, it’s also like one of many children that are born, as well as torticollis, but he came with many surprises included .

In addition, he revealed that his son takes part in treatments performed with bands placed in the lower part of his jaw. concluded that Chances are that this reaction will go away over time, with or without the help of a professional.

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He had previously explained this on his Instagram profile Salvador had presented a diagnosis called gestational torticollis (when a baby is born with an odd neck position due to a tight and short muscle). So, the newborn started attending various treatments and therapies, which according to his mother, have served him well.

“Today, a month later, with tears in my eyes of joy and happiness, I can say that my son is doing very well, he is healthy, he is perfect in the name of God,” he wrote in the caption of a photo that shows he can be seen he appears with his baby and which he published on networks in September 2021.

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As can be seen in the pictures of Carolina Cruz’s stories on her Instagram profile, Salvador is treated accompanied by his mother and a specialist who explains this reaction has nothing to do with the condition he has had since birth.

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