Carola Carpanelli returns to talk about Federico Nicotera quotI suffered

Carola Carpanelli returns to talk about Federico Nicotera: "I suffered a lot, but we walked too much"

The former admirer of Men and Women spoke in an interview with the weekly magazine Mio about the end of the love story that emerged as part of the dating show with Federico Nicotera.

Lformer admirer of men and women, Carola Carpanelliinterviewed by the weekly magazine Mio, talked about the end of the love story that was born on the dating show Federico Nicotera.

Men and women, Carola Carpanelli: “The separation from Federico is still too recent. I’m still licking my wounds.”

The two former faces of the show were recently guests in the studio men and women and they talked about the reasons that led them to end their relationship. Federico stated that he was left overnight without explanation, CarolaFor his part, he explained that he feels some discomfort due to the former Tronista’s excessive interference in his life.

In any case, the 21-year-old from Varese told Mio that she had no regrets.

“The separation from Federico is still too recent. I wouldn’t want to go out with anyone else. Then in a context like that of men and women, I’m still licking my wounds.”

The former admirer then gave the reason for the breakup:

“We were both very much in love. The first two months were wonderful. We got a house in Rome and everything was fine. Then we started arguing about everything because we thought differently. That was a reason for discussion and we decided to break up.” The relationship. Our relationship because there were no longer any conditions to move forward. It was a painful decision. Leaving is a difficult decision because you know what you’re losing, but at the same time you don’t want to be in that situation anymore. However, “It was a conscious decision. Love has always been there, but it wasn’t enough.”

The 21-year-old then continued:

“Perhaps the biggest mistake was rushing. It’s true we had been traveling for seven months but didn’t know each other. So we suddenly lived together. We wanted it, for heaven’s sake. Especially me. However, I had to deal with a lot of changes. I left the house in Alessandria where I lived with my roommates and found myself alone in another city, without my friends and without my family. He had his obligations, I learned and enough. Maybe things would have been different if we had fulfilled both of our commitments. We’ve gone too far. And we are two stubborn people. If you stick to your position, you won’t find a meeting point. But we definitely tried until the end. It has given me so many beautiful things that I would do it all again, maybe in a different way, but I would do it again. I was very sad when it ended.

Carola then he concluded:

Someone with a fake profile wrote on Instagram that we still see each other, but we don’t see each other anymore. We met in Rome because we had to do some housework. We wished each other a happy birthday and that was it.

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