Carmen Villalobos leaves little to the imagination and dazzles with

Carmen Villalobos leaves little to the imagination and dazzles with her statuesque body

Once again Carmen Villalobos He left everyone on social media speechless by sharing a video in his states on the camera social network. In it, the Barranquilla-born actress is seen in a black dress that features a pronounced neckline.

That detail he wore Carmen Villalobos She revealed how beautiful she looks today and what a perfect figure she has at 39. She looks radiant and you can see from her face that she gets along very well with her partner, the Venezuelan presenter Frederick Oldenburg. Apparently, the lovers enjoyed a delicious dinner and a show in the warm city of Cartagena, Colombia.

The storm ended in his personal life and currently Carmen Villalobos He lives a wonderful present both privately and professionally. The leading lady of the soap opera Hasta que la plata nos parte has announced several times that a busy 2023 awaits her.

That’s why the fans of the popular Colombian are very curious about what the next acting job will be Carmen Villalobos. For now, the Colombian actress continues to enjoy the success that the aforementioned TV flick is having with the streaming giant Netflix.

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Carmen Villalobos has more than 21 million followers on Instagram.

This success of Carmen Villalobos is reflected on social networks, where major brands of clothing and beauty products hire her as the star of their advertising campaigns. That’s why she shares moments of these photo productions in her official accounts.

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