Carmen Villalobos forgets Sebastian Caicedo and wastes love on networks

Carmen Villalobos forgets Sebastián Caicedo and wastes love on networks

Since the courtship between was confirmed Carmen Villalobos and the Venezuelan moderator Frederick OldenburgAt the end of January 2023, the couple did not stop wasting love on social networks. For the past few weeks, both the actress and the sportswriter have been gradually revealing details of their romance and openly showing the complicity that eclipses their relationship.

From Instagram posts to social media stories, romantic descriptions and comments filled with admiration and passion, the couple aren’t afraid to share with their followers some of the intimate moments that bring their courtship to life.

“Today is the most important day since we met! How did everything happen? Only you and I know this story. Here are some photos of all those unique moments. Surprising and unexpected? Yes! But totally incredible and wonderful,” commented the actress, who recalls her participation in the latest version of Café con aroma de mujer, in the description of a release that left no room for doubt.

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With this series of pictures, Villalobos showed his most romantic facet and showed many fans that the relationship he had with Sebastián Caicedo for more than a decade is already over. In the photo reel, the actress can be seen holding the presenter’s hand, hugging him and kissing him tenderly in the middle of a beach vacation.

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Oldenburg has also made room for love on his Instagram feed. “A magical night with even more surprises. Thank you dear Carmen Villalobos. I love you,” he wrote two weeks ago, along with a photo said to have been taken in Cartagena.

just a few days ago The pair turned to steal all eyes after the Venezuelan presenter reacted violently and unexpectedly to a picture of Villalobos. “By God, what a beauty, my life! I love you! Radiant and sexy!” wrote Oldenburg, triggering different reactions from users.

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But the declarations of love didn’t stop there. On February 19, the actress shared an Instagram Story as a reminder that read, “I miss you so much Frederik Oldenburg.”

Since Villalobos announced her split from Sebastián Caicedo on July 18, 2022, everyone has taken different paths: while the Colombian model also began and confirmed her courtship with Venezuelan presenter Frederik Oldenburg; The actor did the same with his new partner, but on Valentine’s Day.

Sebastián Caicedo also has a new love

Although Caicedo has been linked in the past to model Julieth Román, with whom he reportedly had a romantic relationship after splitting from Villalobos, all rumors about his love life were put to rest on February 14 when he posted a romantic video with his new love .

This is businesswoman Juliana Diez, known on social media as the co-founder and CEO of the clothing brand Navissi, which has stores in Medellín, Bogotá, Barranquilla and Cali.

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When asked about his sentimental life in early February, the actor said, “I’m in love with God, you know, very much in love, very devoted to my faith, go hand in hand with him who is bringing us very beautiful things.” .

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