Carmen Villalobos draws everyones attention while training in a white

Carmen Villalobos draws everyone’s attention while training in a white micro top and colorful shoes

Colombian actress Carmen Villalobos She is one of the most popular artists in the entire region, although she started her career a long time ago, her recent starring roles in soap operas such as “Hasta que la plata nos separe” have made her face known in several countries in America.

Carmen Villalobos She is very active on social networks, where she accumulates more than 21 million followers from all latitudes who know her movements and publications. For them, she shares her best photos of poses and looks as she is also a benchmark of fashion and trends.

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now Carmen Villalobos He surprised his huge virtual fandom by showing off his hard training on his Instagram Stories, where he wore a sensual white micro top and multicolored leggings, which he paired with matching shoes. The actress possesses an incredible physique, and it’s thanks in part to her endurance when it comes to physical exercises.

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Carmen Villalobos. Source: Instagram @cvillaloboss

Carmen Villalobos, who has just papered over his romance with communicator Frederik Oldenburg, commented to his followers that he starts his daily training very early and tries to stay consistent despite his busy schedule with travel and work commitments.

Carmen Villalobos Appearing without makeup and dancing for her fans as part of her workout, she received all the stares and applause from her followers that made the footage viral and garnered it thousands of likes and hundreds of comments highlighting her talent and beauty .