Carmen Villalobos already has a new friend: Who is Frederik Oldenburg?     Time

Carmen Villalobos already has a new friend: Who is Frederik Oldenburg? Time

Several rumors have sprung up over the past few days about the man that would be new partner of Carmen Villalobosbecause she was caught in a nightclub with a Venezuelan presenter.

One of the most notorious breakups in show business was that of Carmen Villalobos and Sebastián Caicedo as the couple lasted almost 14 years and looked very much in love.

After the breakup, the actress was on vacation and focused on her personal projects, so she didn’t post much on social networks. However, the actress was caught with a guy in a nightclub.

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After the pictures leaked, Villalobos reappeared on his Instagram Stories and confessed that he was very happy and had spent some spectacular days.

“After a few spectacular days, I’m ready to achieve all the goals I’ve set myself this year. I hope you start your year with all that attitude too,” she wrote.

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After various rumors, moderator Frederik Oldenburg confirmed his relationship with the Colombian. This happened on the program “Spicy and Explosive”, where the presenter was interviewed by his colleagues and one of the topics was his sentimental situation.

“I’m happy we’ve only been together for a short time. I don’t know if my face radiates happiness, but yes. It’s exclusive, Carmen and I are together” and he used the moment to send a message to Carmen Villalobos: “A kiss, I’ll see you soon, beautiful, beautiful, I love you,” said Frederik finally.

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After confirming their relationship, the presenter was asked if he plans to have children in the future, from what he revealed they are enjoying the time getting to know each other and it could be in the near future.

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