Carmelina Iannoni sister Alessandro and daughter Carmen DI Pietro

Carmelina Iannoni, sister Alessandro and daughter Carmen DI Pietro / The shocking story

Carmelina Iannoni and the Daughter of Carmen di Pietro and the Sister of Alessandro Iannoni. Carmelina, the showgirl’s daughter, was the first fan of her mother, the undisputed protagonist of the latest issue of L’Isola dei Famosi. And to think that Carmen was undecided about joining the reality show: “I was very skeptical about the idea of ​​going, I said no at first. Then my agent called me back and talked about this possibility of doing it with my son Alessandro which made me even more insecure. Hunger, precarious hygienic conditions, I advised him to watch the videos of the island and make a serious decision to let him understand that I didn’t think it was the right experience for him. Instead, Alessandro immediately said “yes, he liked the idea of ​​the adventure”.

To support both mother Carmen and her brother Alessandro from afar, there has always been the little one of the house: Carmelina. The girl was also a guest at the studio during several episodes of the reality show. “I miss you so much. Everything is fine at home, we get along well with dad, and also with grandma. You need to get as far as possible. I look at you every day ”- said Carmelina, encouraging her mother and brother.

Carmen di Pietro: “My daughter Carmelina Iannoni risked death”

The TV audience knew it Carmelina Iannoni when the mother Carmen Di Pietro and the brother Alessandro Iannoni left for L’Isola dei Famosi. The girl seemed very sweet and very attached to her family with her mother from Honduras who burst into tears upon seeing her. Tears of emotion also for his brother Alessandro, who burst into tears when he saw his little sister.

Yet few know that Carmelina was a daughter so coveted and coveted by the showgirl who said, “She risked death as soon as she was born.” In fact, Carmelina was born eight months premature in the Salerno hospital and due to a series of birth-related problems, the little girl spent several weeks in an incubator. “The doctors said to me, ‘We will do everything we can to save her.’ You can imagine how I felt: I cried every night ”- revealed the faith-based showgirl. Luckily everything went well and today Carmelina is the pride of mother Carmen!